blue sky

by blue sky

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released July 26, 2015



all rights reserved


blue sky Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: ride home
glaze over me
I’ll glaze over you

it’s nostalgia porn
won’t see this through

my beer is cold
it won’t last long

my dress too short
I’m wearing this wrong

my hair was longer
when I met you

did you like it like that
“What’s going on?”

He offered me a ride home
he offered me a ride home

I think I know what you’re thinking about
and I think I know it isn’t me

am i better off alone
I think I better catch my breath

but he offered me a ride home
and I think its time to go

he offered me a ride home
he offered me a ride home
Track Name: peachtree
I am trying to get back
I had you to myself

I don’t wanna know
what you do when you’re alone

I don’t wanna be away from you

I’ve changed my ways

cause didn’t you know
these are the very best days

who needs the real thing
when you can just pretend

I want you to stay my best friend
Track Name: shoulder
i hit my teeth on the wheel
the road is gray and so are you
when im on the way it makes sense
I just wanna stretch my legs so why

why can’t u just tell me something good
when you know you should
you forget who I am
and I just hold your hand

I wanna be alone inside your car
like I know I should
and my limbs know what we are
and you just hold my hand